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Jamie Price shares...

Please, introduce yourself in several words. Describe yourself as you wish, as you think of yourself…

I am from the midwest in the United States and have lived there all of my life. I am a wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt and daughter.

Which were the best moments or periods in your life so far?

As always – the present moment.

And what is the most difficult thing you have experienced?

With love and support even the difficult times become bearable and pass.

What do you believe in?

Love and humanity.

Do you believe in people?

Yes, and at our core we are all good and are all love.

Do you believe in yourself? 

Yes, and I gain strength through love and my connections.

What do you dream of? What are you hoping for?

World peace and understanding.

Is there something important that you don't have enough time for?

If it is important I take the time.

Do you regret anything in the past?

No, I live in the present.

Is forgiveness important in your life? 

Yes – it is core to our existence.

Do you live more in the past, in the present or in the future (in your thoughts)?

I live in the present. Living in the past can lead to depression and living in the future can create anxiety.

Do you like the time that we’re living in?


Is there a place and a trip that you cherish the most? 

I cherish all of my trips and places I have been able to visit.

Do you love Life? 

Yes, I love life.

What does it mean to you now? Describe it in three words...

Present, love, humanity.

Which are the most beautiful views for you? 

The one I am looking at each day in each present Moment.

Where do you feel best, like "at home"? 

When I am with those I love.

What gives you strength to move forward in difficult times?


Which people have given you the greatest support and influence?

My family, Husband – Ivo, children, friends and coworkers.

Do you want to change something in yourself?


Have you found your calling? 

My calling comes to me daily.

Are you afraid of death? Do you believe in Life after death?

No, I am not afraid of death, we are energy at our core and energy does not die.

What makes you feel alive?

 The present moment and love.

What is loneliness for you?

 I don’t experience it.

What gives you an idea of ​​eternity?


What is the good thing someone did for you that you will not forget? 

There have been so many things but because I live so much in the present I often forget the past. It was likely a warm hug, smile, glass of water, saying they love me. Everyday acts of kindness and love.

What feelings do you experience most often?


If you could hug someone that you can't - who would it be?

Everyone I have not hugged.

Do you have inner peace?


What is happiness for you? 

The present.

Describe a perfect day... 


What advice would you give, based on your life experience, to a child or to other people in general?

Work hard, be nice to people and be a good human.

Is there a question (or an answer) that you are afraid of? 

No, the questions and answers come when they should.

What can make you cry? 

When a person is hurt.


What can make you smile?

Love and good people.

If you imagine your life as a puzzle, at what level is it fulfilled? 

The present level.

Are there any pieces missing to make it whole and complete? 

No, none. Our journey is like a rich tapestry and each string comes at the time we need it to complete it.

What do you value most in your life?

I value the present, love and humanity – which is a LIFE HUG for me.

What do you feel most grateful for?

Life and the present moment.



Thank you for your trust, your time and the thoughts you’ve shared!

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