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Jean-Christophe Fadot shares...

Jean-Christophe Fadot is my pen-name, my artistic name.
I was born in France 62 years ago. So I am French. But before that, I think I was an American!
In fact, I sort of have memories of past lives. Not very precise memories, to be true, actually they are rather sketchy. Strong enough however, for me to know that each life is both long and very short, a mere point in a long series. We've all lived so many lives! That's what I am sure of.
I have memories from India, Japan, South America. In yet another life, I was an Indian from North America, I think. I even often see a landscape, I don't know why. Often it comes back into my thoughts.
It's on a plateau in the mountains. I think it was in Utah, in the U.S.A. today. Temperatures are rather cool and the air is pure. There are birch trees, the ground is soft, and I walk by a stream. I think I'm looking for fish, which I'm going to catch, at that time.
So I was born in France 62 years ago!
What struck me a lot in my childhood was the fact that the United States of Europe didn't exist. I was 10 or 11 years old and I used to say to my family: "One day, there will be the United States of Europe, it will be soon".
"You're dreaming "my grandmother's sister told me.
Well, she wasn't entirely wrong.
Still, I continue to dream. In fact, it has become one of my life's goals. I have kept thinking about this idea: why not make the United States of Europe? And why not even the United States of the Earth? That would be so much better, for everybody.
I was born into an artistic, cultured and original family. My mother played the piano, was a painter, and very spiritual. She was also a vegetarian and fed her family with organic food. At the time, it was really original!
My Dad had an immense culture and like my mother loved music. Once, while I was talking to him about Corneille, a 17th century French writer, he quoted from memory several pages of a play by this author, which he had learned 37 years earlier, and had not read again since.
I don't have his memory or his gifts, but I followed a bit of his career since he worked in finance: I work in economics.
In fact, the reason why I got interested in economics is quite a story, but the main reason is that I've always been interested in esotericism, that meeting between spirituality and rationalism.
So you might ask: "Hey, what's the connection between esotericism and economics?!"
Well, there is a connection. And a very interesting one, with that! So hold on a minute, I tell you all about it in a while!
Back to childhood: my interest in esoteric themes was innate, I knew there was something to it. When I was 13 years old I read a book on "Patanjali and Yoga". It made a big impression on me.
The following year I read an article about the Indian sage "Ramdas". Ramdas had had an inner spiritual revelation when his father gave him this prayer of adoration, this mantra "Om Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai, Jai Ram! "
It sort of became my mantra too. I used to repeat it often on my way to school. I loved the poetry of those words. I felt good within them.
Then, the following year, I read this sentence "When the student is ready, the Master is there". I liked this sentence, and I used to repeat it often too, it spoke to me, I didn't know why.
Still another year, a friend at school passed me a brochure written by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, a Bulgarian spiritual master who had settled in France. Master: meaning professor, instructor.
I was not ready, I am still not, but the Master had arrived, and his name was Omraam.
He became my spiritual guide, and I even met him. He was many years old and very wise. I was young and very foolish. But still, or perhaps because of that, he gave me very valuable advice for my studies. 
And this is how, after I started studying to become a soldier, I studied languages and then economics.
I'm married, I have two children, but I prefer to keep that part of my personal life apart. You have to have a secret garden!
So in this interview I will talk mainly about this idea that has always lived in me and wakes me up every morning: humanity could and even should unite, and it should unite knowing that its true country, its true nation, is the inner soul, the universal soul.
In fact, I even think that the only way it might unite is to find its soul, both individually and collectively.
Besides, this soul, the individual soul and the universal soul are very much connected. That's the key of the problem and the reason why it could be so powerful.
Finding this inner soul would be beautiful, on the scale of humanity. It would completely transform cultural life, artistic, musical and choreographic production, films. In fact all art.
But in addition, it would create the conditions for a planetary, collective and individual prosperity, of which I think we can't really have an idea at the moment.
To seek, find and live in this soul, this golden inner treasure we all share as human beings, is to begin to find one's individual identity and start perceiving all other beings in their subtle, almost immaterial, but very real dimension. Human beings or not human beings, for there are countless sorts of beings in the universe I think. 
This is it. That's the meaning of my life, my summary, the only thing I would like to say about myself, because everything else is so banal: I earn my living, I learn to play the violin, I make a little music, of probably little value and I sometimes write poems. Do stupid things too, all the times. So, nothing very original, I imagine!
But that one, this idea that humanity could unite by considering its inner part as a treasure shared on the scale of humanity, yes, it seems to me that this idea is interesting, that I can talk about it, present it, because I have worked a lot on this idea, and especially on how to concretize it.
Because it is this point that counts: how to concretize the idea that humanity could unite.
And this is where the link between esotericism and economics is interesting: esotericism describes very well this inner part of humanity, its soul. And it has done so through millennia, cultures and continents. Economy, on the other hand, allows this soul to live on earth in good material and practical conditions.
This is why I began studying economics a long time ago, and especially business economics, that is to say, business economics as the way to concretize ideas by creating social value through the creation of a company, or what amounts to the same, through the creation of products and services within a company, or an organization, or even within an administration.
It is often said that the economy is materialistic, etc. But not at all! It can, of course, be materialistic, that is to say narrow, low-ceilinged, or selfish, etc. It's even often the case, in fact, okay.
But in reality, in itself, creating a business, i.e. providing or helping to provide products or services, is a very esoteric process, which can be very spiritual.
In fact, I don't think there are many processes, many human manifestations that can be so spiritual. It's quite a story. I wrote an article, in English, to summarize this point of view.
Basically, my point is that if you know some of the esoteric knowledge, you can use this knowledge to optimize the process of economic creation, of creating social, even business value.
As a student of O.M. Aïvanhov teaching, I had access to esoteric knowledge, so I tried to better understand that connection between economics and esotericism. Back in 1984 I wrote my Ph. D. thesis about this, and have worked on this theme ever since.
In fact, business life not only might or could, but in my opinion should become both very spiritual and very profitable with the help of esoteric knowledge. And even more important than that, it could become the pivot of social value creation.
Two years ago, in Colombia, I met the founder of the most important esoteric bookstore in Bogotá, one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world, in fact. She showed me this place she had created, with tens of thousands of books, conference rooms, rooms for therapists, etc., and I told her "See, for me, creating a business and saying a prayer are two very similar processes: in both cases, it is a matter of concretizing spiritual forces, and in this case a business, the building of the business can be a temple. »
She looked at me, wiped a tear from her cheek and said, "In fact, this is exactly the idea for which I created this company and made the plans for this building.”

What have been the best moments or times in your life so far?
From the point of view that I have just outlined, that is to say not from the point of view of my personal life, family life, etc., the best moment of my life was when I met the Teaching of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov through a brochure that a friend was reading in the school where I was studying.
Something attracted me to this brochure, my friend looked at me and said, "It is very interesting, it is about harmony, a comparison between the Beatitudes of Jesus and the Beatitudes of Buddha.”
That was true. It was very interesting. That brochure changed my life. It was in 1974.

And what's the hardest thing you've ever experienced?
One of the hardest times for me was when for several months I couldn't find work after school and military service. I had very little money. It was complicated. Something trivial, I guess. There, I learned one thing: that unemployment is very hard also because you are isolated. It's at least as hard as to live on with little or no money.

What do you believe in?
In the ability of nature, of which we are a part, to regenerate itself constantly. We are part of creation, part of the Universe, part of the Earth. Our thoughts, our intelligence, are only a part of this life that thinks and loves through each of its components, through each cell composing a tree, a stone, our bodies. We breathe, think, love. I think everything does so, in different ways and forms.
For example, I think that a sun, that is to say a star, thinks and loves. The Universe thinks and loves, and therefore creates, concretizes, makes. So, whatever the problems, situations, even the despair, we face or may cross, it does not matter so much in fact, because in the same minute when you might think all is over, life continues to create, to work, to heal, to regulate, in short – to create beauty. I believe only in that, which includes everything and therefore excludes nothing.

Do you believe in people?
In the same proportion that I believe in the capacity of nature, of which every human being is a part, to regenerate itself, in short to perfect itself.

Do you believe in  yourself?
The same thing: I am a small human being, ridiculous and insignificant like everyone else in many ways, but brilliant and luminous, like everyone else, whenever, creatively, artistically, socially, in family life or with friends, professionally, etc., I can represent, embody, manifest a bit of what we might call the inner sun of reality, of life. In other words – when we try to express the better part of life itself: generosity, intelligence, light, symbolically. In short, when we try to live in beauty.

What do you dream of? What do you hope for?
Of the United States of the Earth.
That is to say of a planetary, decentralized organization, respectful of nature as well as of the human being in all its components and cultures.
The United States of the Earth as a modest organization, however, mostly decentralized, soft, benevolent, cool, almost forgotten behind the splendor of a human civilization that will have put the human soul, in other words the Universal soul, at the center of its social ideal and reality.

Is there anything important you don't have time for?
I consider time as a tension, that is to say that when we feel we don't have time, it is generally because we become aware both of the interest of something: of a reading, a practice, visit a friend, etc., and of the stupidity of our personal organization which excludes us from the possibility to have time for the aforesaid.
There are 24 hours in a human life, which is gigantic in reality. 10 minutes a day for a few years would be more than enough for each of us to create half of the masterpieces that every nation is proud to display in its museums. But we don't do so because we find time for so many other things.
Lack of time is an indicator of our personal disorganization, and I am a very good example of that.

Is forgiveness important in your life?
Probably yes. Not that I am very strong in this field actually, but at least I know from the teachings of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov that forgiveness – when one has suffered injustices, things like that – closes the breaches in one's aura through which many vibratory disorders could otherwise infiltrate.
Bad vibrations in short, which will be transmitted to what is called the energetic or etheric body, which is in direct symbiosis so to speak, with the nervous system of the physical body, and from there with all our organs.
In short, to forgive is to protect one's health, which is recommendable. Also, compared to all the absurdities I've been able to do on my own, I suppose forgiving others is the least I can do.

Do you live in the past, in the present or in the future?
Ah, that's my weakness. Not enough in the present, too much in the past, whose secrets I love to discover, and a little too much in the future, which I like to imagine as more golden than today. Not golden bling-bling, though! Golden, in the sunny, joyful, simple sense of the word.

Do you love our time?
Then yes, absolutely, and for a reason that perhaps not so many people see, I think. The main reason I love our time is that there have never been so few wars on Earth than nowadays. And also because, collectively at any rate, we have never been as rich as we are today.
Which, moreover, is linked to the fact that there have been fewer and fewer wars, conflicts and victims since 1945 and the creation of the United Nations.
This does not mean that there are no more conflicts, victims or misery, obviously not.
But because information about them is becoming more and more available, producing the collective impression that there are more and more people who are victims of wars and conflicts should not hide reality. Our collective feeling is very understandable, but quite misleading. The statistical reality is quite the opposite and we should talk more about this positive, long lasting trend.
Information about conflicts and problems is becoming more and more instantly available, yes. But this does not mean that there are more horrors today than there used to be.
In fact, not at all. Humanity is doing better, for many reasons, and that is why I like our times: it is becoming aware of its defects, its problems, and is beginning to find solutions to the problems that it has been creating for millenniums in reality.

Is there a place and a journey that you like the most?
In fact, every time I go to a country or a place in France that I don't know, or that I already know and rediscover, I'm happy.
By the way, I think that life or our choices, when we can travel for sightseeing, often take us to places where we have already lived, in a previous life. It wasn't always happy every time, but even then, things come back.
I love Colombia, I discovered Bulgaria in July 2019 and I find this country just extraordinarily endearing. Bulgaria has a huge future and it should become aware of it. But the USA, not all of today's America however, is still number one for me, though. I like their optimism because I think that is how we may better the world.

Do you love life? What is it for you now? Describe it in three words, please.
How can you not love life?! Yes, we get hit in the face all the time, it's true, and it hurts, but still, what incredible energy life brings with it! What capacity each day, each hour offers to regenerate everything, to transform everything, it's extraordinary! Fan of life.

What are the most beautiful views in the world for you?
No hesitation, and it won't make anyone jealous!
The most beautiful view in the world, by far, is the one I see from my terrace, in the morning at 4 o'clock – of stars, cosmos and the Universe. And, at the same time and the same place – 4 am on my terrace – the view of my bowl of super-hot coffee, with honey and pollen.
The two together, the bowl of hot coffee and the super blue night full of stars, that’s just happiness.

Where do you feel best, like at home?
Anywhere in the world looking at stars at 4 am. And with my darling, wherever we are.


What gives you the strength to move forward in difficult times?
The certainty that my life has meaning, that each and every life, and every part of it, have meaning. The certainty that you come to Earth with an agenda and things to get through.
In doing so, one makes mistakes, yes, but there is a logic to everything, so you have to keep moving forward.
This logic of everything, of the universe, this "invisible" world that organizes everything and takes into account everything that we decide to do or not do, well or not very well, this hidden, serene and breathing power, it is the lung that we all have, and for me too – it is my lung. Besides, it's free! This is a free coaching resource.

Which people have given you the most support or influence?
A lot of people. But the most important one: Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. He was born in Bulgaria, had been a disciple of Peter Deunov - Beinca Douno being his initiatic name – ever since he had met him in 1917 in Varna. Then he came to France to bring his teaching here – that was in 1937, I think. With the years, he developed his own identity as a spiritual guide, while promoting and extending the teaching of Peter Deunov.
I have an “anecdote”. This summer, in Bulgaria, in Aïtos, in a place where spiritual master Peter Deunov once came and gave lectures, I had the chance to play some piano, just for me, for some minutes. Well, not very well, but I played the piano anyway. There was a picture of Peter Deunov on the wall, near the piano.
When I finished, I looked up, and through his picture I had the impression that I could see him, living. He was there, looking at me, so to speak! And the impression I got in that moment was that my playing the piano had not indeed been the musical event of the century. In fact he was almost hilarious! But still, he was there, looking joyfully at me. It was a striking moment. I felt him as very young, like in his twenty-fives, very alive, joyful.
I am very much linked to American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, too. This is quite a story to tell, but this will be for another time!

Do you want to change something about yourself?
Yes: the fact that I'm scattered in multiple projects that lead me not to make much progress on them, most of the time.

Have you found your calling?
Ah yes, completely. When I was very young, at the age of 11 or 12, I knew I had to write a book. I didn't know which one, but I knew I had to write one.
Then, when I was 24 years old, after my studies, I finally knew which book I had to write: it had to be about the esoteric history of the planet. In other words about the influence of esotericism in human civilization, whose next step is the creation of the United States of the Earth.
However, by then, I didn't yet know what form it would or should take, so I tried it in different ways over the years. I wrote a novel, two somewhat illegible essays, a – very long – play in Alexandrian verses, but nothing did really work. I was not satisfied with those pieces.
Then in 2002, I found out: the book had to be like a reportage. I did not have to convince anyone: I had to write what has happened in the history of the humankind and what is happening nowadays to this connection between the human civilization and the esoteric knowledge.
From that day on, it took me a dozen years, and many 5 am to 7 am sessions, to write and finally publish "The Birth of a Planetary Civilization - Philosophy, Politics and Economics of the New Age".
You can find it on Amazon, or on my blog https://nouvelage.net

Are you afraid of death? Do you believe in life after it?
Death seems to me a very superfluous concept, a truly useless one.
I think that no one ever dies. No human being has ever died, in fact. Perhaps, in very exceptional cases, which esotericism describes, for totally ignoble and irrecoverable beings, despite the many chances/lives received to make up. But otherwise, most generally, death is just a curtain coming down on the theater stage. You see the curtain, you're sad for the actors are gone, but they're alive and well!
At some point, the physical body ceases its functions, yes. But the beings, ourselves, we never die, ever.
Further, I think there's nothing to believe in such a matter: we should know, not believe, and there is quite much scientific research available now on this point.
We live in our physical body while we are on earth. Besides, we live in it here during the day, but not at night, when, sleeping, we leave our physical body for a few hours, sometimes not very far away, but that's another story.
Then, when the physical body is no longer functional, we leave the physical plane of the earth, we live elsewhere, as we did every night, well, every time we slept, with a few more differences perhaps.
Basically, we live, and will always do so.

What makes you feel alive?
A meal from my sweetheart, truly. Because there is love in it. Hearing music from Berlioz, Haendel or Mendelsohn. A song, any song from the Boswell sisters, those forgotten angels. The memory of the stars when I drink a glass of water.
I mean, when I can feel the stars in the glass of water that I am drinking – not every day, OK – but when I do feel them at that moment, then I know I'm alive, I really do!

What does loneliness mean to you?
Theoretically, I guess you're never alone, really. You can be sad and lonely, yes, but basically the universe is ours, it's multiple and immense, and offers an immense company. This is something we and I should never forget.
Now, the other side of the story is that the company of others is the best part we may have of this global company, and I personally do love this part!

What gives you an idea of eternity?

What do you feel most often?
The desire to help humanity create the United States of the Earth.

If you could embrace someone (known or unknown) who you can't - who would he or she be?
Let's see... Perhaps Nefertiti, Akhenaten's wife. What grace! But kissing her? Meet her instead, and have quite a talk. By the way, where is she hiding? Perhaps she's reincarnated?! Or not! Wherever she is, I'd like to speak with her, for she inspired my hero, Akhenaten!

Do you have inner peace?
When I play the electric guitar, yes.
Well, I don't play it very well. Not even well at all. Ok, let's face reality: in fact, I am desperately bad at it. But still, I do have peace when hearing electric guitar! God in rock, the divinity of reality in that rocky, earthy, technological sound of my maple electric guitar! Then and there, yes, I'm in peace.

What is happiness for you? Describing a perfect day...
Happiness?! Ah, I guess happiness is being in tune, breathing with the universe. It happened to me a couple of times in my life. It happens to all of us, I mean, to breathe in the global rhythm.
It may be when we vacuum, or drink a glass of water when we've just about solved our problems, or see the beauty, in short the soul, in our companion's face for one fleeting, eternal second. At that point, happiness comes, and it never comes alone – it often brings with it the understanding of many things.
A perfect day is a day in rhythm. You might be anywhere, stuck in a tunnel by traffic jams, struggling to finish a report in your office, solving a difficult point, or on top of a mountain… At least if you thought of bringing another, dry T-shirt, or grumbling about that idiot, in other words – yourself, who this morning had that crazy idea to bike his way downhill to take the bus, while now, it's evening, and you have to bike back home uphill...
Well, whatever the conditions, if you're in the global rhythm, happiness is there. It may be hidden a little by the circumstances, but still, it's there, and it's always smiling. Big.

What advice would you give, based on your life experience, to a child or to other people?
Dream of beautiful projects and how to have them become real.
Also, to keep this sentence, preciously, that a friend of mine gave me when I wanted to stop studying: "The roots of study are bitter, but its fruits are sweet".

What could make you cry?
A romantic Korean TV show. They're too nice, it's too beautiful! I mean, the Korean shows my darling watches. They are romantic, with noble feelings, they are inspiring, aesthetic, modern, funny. They have everything.
So you might say: "What?! You don't cry because of wars and things of the sort?!"
No, I think in that case, we don't have to cry, we have to act. And my act against wars has been to promote the idea of a re-united world. Because it is the last thing we think of, and is the first we should think of, even if it is far away.
To cry, I choose my themes. And romantic Korean series are the perfect match for that!

What could possibly make you smile?
Charlie Chaplin. Unequalled, I think. Total genius. Smile, in my case, is slightly underscored.

If you think of your life as a puzzle, how is it organized? Are there any other pieces that lack or it is whole and complete?
I will have completed my puzzle when I have helped to make the United States of the Earth. So, there are still one piece or two missing, let’s say, but I'm confident. I will find them :).

What do you enjoy most in your life? What is the thing you are most grateful for?
The taste of bread, the flavor of the stars, the warmth of a wood fire in winter, the singing echo of stars in the night in Provence.
The golden blue sky in reddish, carmine dawn, the scent of spring at dew time.
And my darling's presence. But I said I wouldn't talk about it.

If there's something I haven't asked you, and you want to share with the others - write it down too, please…
Here it is: it' my motto: "Change the world! It's yours".

Thank you for everything you shared! And I wish you success in achieving your dream and goal!

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Борислава Бонева споделя...

Казвам се Борислава Бонева. На 42 години съм. Домът ми е в Стара Загора, където озонът ухае на дъжд и липи. Работя като управител и социален работник в Център за социална рехабилитация и интеграция – в малкото градче Николаево. Пътувам всеки ден до там с влак – и пак не е достатъчно, за да утоля жаждата си за пътешествия.
Пиша откакто се помня. Писането е като дишането – безусловно и с любов. Добри хора ми помогнаха да издам две книги - „Късчета време“ и „Докосната от ангел“. Чета много. Непрекъснато. Книгите са спасителното ми въже. Пристанът ми. Спасявали са ме неведнъж и са ме превеждали през най-трудните моменти.
Обичам да правя снимки и да улавям светлите емоции на хората, тъгата, красотата на природата. Миговете щастие. Все още гоня пеперуди, вървя боса и политам с глухарчетата. Живея втори живот и съм благодарна за него. Приятелите ми се броят на пръсти, но, слава Богу, са истински и ги обичам до болка. Не бих заменила преживяното досега за нищо на света. Това е моят път. Моите белези. Моите хвърковати щастия. И точно заради тях съм тук. В този миг.

Кои бяха най-хубавите моменти или периоди в твоя живот досега?

Детството. Срещите със сродни души. Всеки миг, изживяван с тях. Първият път, когато прегърнах кучето си. Издаването на двете ми книги. Пътуванията ми до места, на които съм се чувствала в себе си и себе си.

А кое е най-трудното нещо, което си преживявала?

Смъртта на родителите ми и на кучето ми. А иначе – предателството от близък човек.

В какво вярваш?

В чудеса. В ангели. В Бога и хляба. В силата на добрата мисъл. В думите. В любовта във всичките ѝ форми и проявления.

Вярваш ли в хората?

Да. В Божията искра у всекиго. Вярвам в доброто у човека. Често – до наивност.

А в себе си?

Не толкова, колкото ми се иска. Труден урок ми е.

За какво мечтаеш? На какво се надяваш?

Желая да виждам – и усещам – любимите си хора здрави, щастливи и осмислени. Надявам се да ми стигне животът за всичко, което ми се иска да направя. Надявам се да устоявам на бурите и човешките земетръси и да мога да сглобя парченцата у себе си и да се получи нещо наистина хубаво накрая... Надявам се да посадя още много дървета и да ги видя силни и даващи плод. 


Има ли нещо важно, за което не ти достига времето?

За много неща. Да прекарвам повече моменти с обичните ми. Да пътувам. Да пиша. Да чета. Да се посветя на нещата, които искам да правя с вдъхновение и страст.

Важна ли е прошката в твоя живот?

Абсолютно. За да продължиш, трябва да простиш. Да се освободиш от натрупаната обида и гняв. Уча се още на това.

Повече в миналото, в настоящето или в бъдещето живееш?

Човек не бива да забравя откъде е тръгнал и какво е преживял. Всичко е урок, който трябва да бъде осмислен, да бъде вникнато в същината му. Затова е миналото – за да се опрем на наученото. Затова са спомените – и най-вече тези на душата – за да ни крепят и да черпим от тяхното познание. Опитвам се да живея в мига, в неговата цялост и съвършеност. Бъдещето е като сянка, която размества пластовете с всяко наше решение и действие. Гледам на него като на приключение, което очаква моя избор.

Харесваш ли нашето време?                                     

Този свят все повече не е моят. Но се стремя да му дам най-доброто от себе си.

Има ли място и пътуване, на които държиш най-много?

Навсякъде, където чувствам любовта и доброто.

Обичаш ли Живота? Какво е той за теб сега? Опиши го с три думи...

Влюбена съм в Живота. Завръщане към себе си и към смисъла – това е за мен.

Кои са най-красивите гледки на света за теб?

Морето. Небето. Птиците. Поле с макове (или глухарчета). Луната. Вълчицата от съня ми, разговаряща с нея. Очите на скъп приятел, позволил да се докосна до сърцето му.

Къде се чувстваш най-добре, като „у дома”?

В сърцето на добър приятел, на някого, с когото сме на една честота. В споделеността. Домът за мен не е място, а усещане за уют, топлина и обич.

Какво ти дава сили да продължаваш напред в трудни моменти?

Вярата в чудесата. Дума, поглед или жест, в който някой е вложил всичко от себе си. Да се наплача. Хубавите неща, които си намират път през болката и страха. Упованието, че, всъщност, най-хубавото предстои.

Кои хора са ти оказвали най-голяма подкрепа и влияние?

Приятелите са ми най-голямата опора. Въздействат ми по-скоро идеи и мироглед, отколкото личности. Човек може да открие по нещо за себе си във всяка ситуация, среща с някого, в прочетеното в някоя книга или видяно някога, някъде... 

Искаш ли да промениш нещо у себе си?

На много неща искам още да се науча. На повече търпение. На по-малко гняв. На съсредоточеност. На смирение. Да бъда повече от вчерашното си „аз“. Да прощавам по-лесно. Да „чувам“ и „виждам“ повече с душа, отколкото с разум. И още ...

Намерила ли си призванието си?

Мисля, че да. Но предстои да открия дали е така.

Страхуваш ли се от смъртта? Вярваш ли в Живота след нея?

Смъртта не е страшна. По-страшно е да не се чувстваш жив отвътре. Вярвам в безсмъртието на душата. Вярвам, че тя се преражда, за да учи своите уроци. И продължава да живее в различни тела, в различно време, да среща сродните, да се усъвършенства, да трупа вселенско познание дотогава, докато не се пречисти и не завибрира с Божествената светлина, която ѝ е дадена, за да достига нови енергийни нива.

А какво те кара да се чувстваш жива?

Любовта – във всичките ѝ форми и проявления.

Какво е за теб самотата?

Самотата е избор. За мен тя е онзи отрязък от време и пространство, което ми е нужно да декомпенсирам и да се презаредя, правейки любими неща; да се събера и да проясня вътрешната си гледка. Самотността е друго нещо – влияещо се от външни фактори, състояние на колебание, на страх, на непознаване на вътрешния ни мир, на нежелание да се изправим пред собствените си мисли и липса на отношение към заобикалящия ни свят.

Какво ти дава представа за вечност?

Пребиваването в Чудото. Изгревите и залезите. Усещането, че съм си у дома в сърцето на някого. Бог. Ангелското присъствие. Светлината.

Какви чувства изпитваш най-често?

Нито едно човешко чувство не ми е чуждо. Освен омразата. Не мога да мразя. Никога не съм завиждала. На какво?! Защо?! Старая се да остана в плюс безкрайност. От светлата страна на нещата, каквото и да ми струва това.

Ако можеше да прегърнеш някой човек, който не можеш – кой би бил?

Майка ми. Баща ми. Дядо ми Савчо. Баба ми Мария, която не познавам. Прегръщам приятелите си. И винаги е като за първи път. И завинаги.

Имаш ли вътрешен мир?

По-малко, отколкото ми се иска. И повече – отколкото съм си представяла някога. 

Какво е щастието за теб? Опиши един съвършен ден...

Щастието е състояние. Не е до вещите и местата. Не е даже в успехите. До хората е. Всеки ден е съвършен, ако в него има добро, светлина и любов. Споделеност. И не „ако“. Винаги има. Стига да можем да ги разпознаем, да се припознаем в тях.

Какъв съвет би дала, според житейския си опит, на едно дете или на другите хора въобще?

Излишно е да давам съвети на някое дете. Децата са мъдри души и знаят повече от нас, порасналите. Разбират всичко, за разлика от мен. Това със съветите не е моето нещо. Всеки има свой път, по който върви, и само той единствен може да го осмисли и да достигне до прозренията, които са му нужни, за да го претвори в нещо хубаво и истинско.

Какво може да те разплаче?

Всичко. Болката. Страданието. Щастливите моменти. Спомените от детството. Нещо, създадено със сърце. Божествената искра, съзряна в някого. Досегът до друга душа. Животът. Смъртта.

А какво може да те накара да се усмихнеш?

Всичко, гореизброено. Също усмивката на дете. Малки пръстчета, хванали ръката ми. Влажният език на куче по лицето ми. Глухарче. Пеперуда. Дъждовните капки по кожата ми. Соленият вкус на морето.

Ако си представиш живота си като пъзел, доколко е подреден той? Липсват ли още парчета, за да е цял и завършен?

Ще цитирам откъс от "Много животи, много любови" на Джина Серминара: "Всяка ситуация в живота на хората е като моментна композиция на калейдоскоп, а озовалите се в нея група души са като яркоцветните парченца стъкло — отношенията между тях образуват фигурата. След това калейдоскопът се разклаща... и с едно движение на китката се образува нова фигура, нова комбинация от елементи. После отново и отново, като всеки път се получава нещо различно... Това винаги носи някакво значение и в него винаги има динамика и цел..." В този смисъл пъзелът на живота ми никога не може да бъде подреден напълно... Винаги ще има липсващи, или по-скоро – отсъстващи в момента парченца. И това е най-хубавото.

Какво цениш най-много в живота си? За какво чувстваш най-голяма благодарност?

Ще прозвучи клиширано, но ценя САМИЯ ЖИВОТ. Всяко мое действие, всеки мой избор, всичко хубаво и лошо, случило се в живота ми, са ме довели до този момент, тук и сега. Такава, каквато съм. Със сигурност несъвършена, с много остроти и ръбове, но определено стремяща се да бъда себе си, да виждам доброто, светлината и любовта у хората. Благодарна съм за всеки миг, в който дишам, вървя по Пътя, обичам и вярвам. БлагоДаря за родителите, които са ме отгледали и са ми дали обич и опора. БлагоДаря за изпитанията, които ме правят по-силна. За болката и радостта. За сродните души. За споделеността. За светлината и ангелското присъствие, което най-често е в лицето на малкото ми, но истински приятели. БлагоДаря за втория ЖИВОТ, който имам възможност да живея.