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My name is Kristina and I am the heart behind this project, named simply: "One of us shares..." It is about interviews with all kinds of people, known and unknown, near and far, to whom I will ask the same questions, and I will publish and archive the interviews here, in this blog.

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Each one of us can use a source that no one else can - one's own life, own experience, own consciousness. Therefore, each of us can give something to others. All it takes is a willingness to share and sincerity. Otherwise, a unique experience, a human consciousness one day goes out unshared and is no longer accessible to others, at least in this world... Many people do not share their innermost thoughts with anyone - not even with their closest people, and so they remain strangers even to their own family…

I find this very sad, indeed. I believe that if we know more about each other, we will understand and accept our imperfections more easily. We will empathize to others more often, knowing their pains and dreams, their struggles and hopes through what is shared, instead of having only occasional "collisions", remaining strangers... And not understood.


"You feel connected to others - or you are alien to them and to yourself."


This is a quote that impressed me very much, from an article in the magazine "GEO Bulgaria" (geo-bg.bg). In fact, the very idea of ​​this project came to my mind from the column of this magazine "Citizens of the World - 1 of 7 billion" (the number changes according to the data on the population of our planet at the moment). This one-page column in each issue presents an interview with a "world-famous" person from a different part of the world. I always read these interviews with great interest. This is what impressed me the most and captivated me in the idea of ​​the magazine - to interview a variety of people, regardless of the fact that they are generally unknown to others.

About half a year after I started my project, I realized that it is very similar in concept and essence to "7 billion others" - the project of the Frenchman Jan Arthus-Bertrand, photographer and creator and the wonderful film "Home", dedicated to on Earth. He started his project of video interviews with unknown people from different countries of the world exactly 10 years before I started "One of Us Shares" - in 2003.

And I believe that everyone has something valuable to share with others as long as they are sincere, and we all know that usually only famous people are interviewed - not only by official media, but even by unofficial ones - like blogs for example. It is believed that only successful people (especially those who have glamorous, visible success) have something to say to others, but I know that is far from the case. Sometimes the bitter experience that a failed and unhappy person can share with others is much more valuable and touching even! To me, all people are equal and everyone could be interesting with their unique story and perspective.

And I know that there are many good and wonderful people in the world who live in a wise and beautiful but quiet way and no one, or almost no one, knows about them, but they definitely have something to share if only someone asks them.. I believe that most people have something hidden in their thoughts and in their soul - I want to hear and learn about this thing. To read...

Here I must notice that the project is not only for people who have not been interviewed so far and are unknown to the public. It is for EVERYONE! And I really mean it – to anyone who feels my idea close to their heart and mind. The idea does not exclude anyone. It is for all mankind. And I'm glad that popular people are already part of my project, even though their interview for "One of Us Shares" is not the first or last for them. (Note added on 01/06/2020)

We are very similar in the basic human things, and at the same time very different in the nuances and perception of ourselves, others, life and the world in general. I am sure that through this project he will realize exactly that... Its beginning will be only in the Bulgarian language, but after time it may outgrow the boundaries of our homeland and our language.

Sharing brings our minds and consciousnesses together, and ultimately our souls. The goal is one – to talk as sincerely as possible – even without many words, but about the most important things in life, in our common human being. The important topics are not so many... I chose these questions in order to get to know better, together with you, the immense human soul and the consciousness of various people. The questions do not cover everything that is interesting about a person, but I think they are enough for the most important. And I believe that in time this blog will become a true treasure  of cherished, sincere thoughts and human experiences…

Maybe some of the questions are very personal, in a particular way, but nevertheless I know I have to ask people. Even if one does not answer them publicly, it makes sense to at least ask them to oneself... We are changing, so the answers we give today may be different from those we would give tomorrow. But I know that some things do not change because they are part of our essence and the questions are especially about these things.

I thank those who will answer them in advance for their trust and openness to others. I believe that through what is shared, we will ultimately see the beauty and complexity of human nature, and that there is more reason for hope than despair about it. I want to restore this faith in the minds of many people who have lost it somewhere along the way of Life...

"Every person is an exception." says Karol Izhikovski.

And Elias Canetti adds: "Each person is the center of the world, that's right - everyone; and the world is precious precisely because it is full of such centers.”

"There isn't and cannot be anything closer to man than man."

I believe this, like Maxim Gorky, to whom these words belong... It is so because we are all part of One humanity...

Through what is shared here, many inner voices and inner worlds of different people will be heard and gathered in one place, and this is extremely valuable and beautiful, in my opinion. And a chance not to judge others superficially, by their appearance or momentary behavior, or by casually spoken words, but to "see" them and see them truly and in depth, according to their answers to some difficult but meaningful questions... I believe also in the right of each to speak for himself, and that this is the best decision.

I do not like disputes and judging the Others. Everyone has their point of view on things, and according to that – their own truth. I believe the Truth (for mankind) is born from the many inner voices... And that they are all equal and good to be heard.

I believe that sharing will ultimately make us better. And more peaceful.

In our time of many and easy communications, there are again too many  communication "on the surface". I want to use the opportunities that today offers, and the fact that we are together here and now, for something more serious and deep. I am looking for a real and pure nudity – this of the soul... And I created this place for a special meeting - of our innermost thoughts and fears, hopes and dreams, of our minds and souls. A place for a real conversation.


August 18, 2013

P.S. You can write me opinions and comments here, as well as at the email address:


Also write to me if you want to participate in the project - you don't have to wait for an invitation from me!

I am also working on creating a book (or a series of books - the future will tell) – with selected quotes from the interviews on the various significant topics.

The first book is already a fact - it was published by "Libra Scorp" Publishing house, Burgas, Bulgaria, in 2018.

I would appreciate it if you share this blog so it reaches more people! What is posted here can benefit many and is for everyone. It is a "picture" or more precisely a "self-portrait" of the human spirit – as it  is today. It will be different tomorrow in some ways, that's for sure... Change is eternal law. But the next generations can look at the old pictures, read the pages written in the past and see what our human spirit was in the beginning of the 21-st century. And they will appreciate this possibility. We can do the same after several years...

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Please, introduce yourself in several words.

Describe yourself as you wish, as you think of yourself.

- Which were the best moments or periods in your life so far?

- And what is the most difficult thing you have experienced?

- What do you believe in?

- Do you believe in people?

- Do you believe in yourself?

- What do you dream of? What are you hoping for?

- Is there something important that you don't have enough time for?

- Do you regret anything in the past?

- Is forgiveness important in your life?

- Do you live more in the past, in the present or in the future /in your thoughts/?

- Do you like the time that we’re living in?

- Is there a place and a trip that you cherish the most?

- Do you love Life? What does it mean to you now? Describe it in three words...

- Which are the most beautiful views for you?

- Where do you feel best, like "at home"?

- What gives you strength to move forward in difficult times?

- Which people have given you the greatest support and influence?

- Do you want to change something in yourself?

- Have you found your calling?

- Are you afraid of death? Do you believe in Life After death?

- What makes you feel alive?

- What is loneliness for you?

- What gives you an idea of ​​eternity?

- What is the good thing someone did for you that you will not forget?

- What feelings do you experience most often?

- If you could hug someone that you can't - who would it be?

- Do you have inner peace?

- What is happiness for you? Describe a perfect day...

- What advice would you give, based on your life experience, to a child or to other people in general?

- Is there a question (or an answer) that you are afraid of?

- What can make you cry?

- What can make you smile?

- If you imagine your life as a puzzle, at what level is it fulfilled? Are there any pieces missing to make it whole and complete?

- What do you value most in your life? What do you feel most grateful for?

If there is something I didn't ask you about, but you would like to share with others – write it too!



I wish you joy, peace, success and all the best!

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